Roofing Estimating Services

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When it comes to estimating services, NEDES takeoffs has you all covered! We offer other excellent services such as roof estimating services for our number of clients.

Whether your roofing projects are commercial (offices, hospitals, airports, hotels, arenas, schools, malls, or restaurants), residential (homes, apartments, mansions, home extensions, condominiums), or industrial, it is now feasible to estimate them (mining and metals, drilling, oil & gas, pharmaceutical plants, manufacturing or pumping stations). Our business collaborates with numerous roofing contractors and provides a selection of roofing takeoff services.

Our estimation method is rapid, effective, and economical since the NEDES takeoffs team makes sure that our customers are always satisfied with the services we provide. Before creating your building plan, you should have a solid roofing strategy for a hassle-free experience. With us, you will get rapid and accurate roofing estimates from our hard-working and expert roof estimators.


We provide complete support for all of your roof estimating services whether you are a roofer, dealer, fabricator, do-it-yourselfer, or architect. Additionally, for many years, our Roofing Estimating Services have offered estimating software and assistance to the roofing industry. Therefore, with cutting-edge methods, our expert appraisal service provides a financially viable solution for your company. Additionally, we aim to estimate your roofing requirements as quickly and correctly as possible using the expertise of our roof estimator.

It will not be simple to find a roof cost estimate for your issue. Should you need the assistance of a canopy estimate, we are available to make sure you get the top-notch work you deserve. Additionally, our estimators for residential and commercial projects have in-depth expertise in the roofing sector.

Our roofing estimators’ expertise can also be utilized to survey potential suppliers, identify potential suppliers, conduct labor estimates, and offer bid goals as needed. Based on your area of specialization within the organization, our building cost estimators generate cost estimates. Any additional expenses that are accounted for in the computation must be calculated by the contractor. Therefore, we are aware of the need to emphasize the contractor’s need to be driven and attentive in his work. The contractors working on your project are seen by us as our skilled specialists who typically follow the regulations. Following are some of our services:

Supplier Quotes

You can now submit bids with ease, and we will create a vendor quotation based on your needs to give to your client. It includes details such as the item’s cost, and any applicable discounts or taxes.

Estimates for change orders

You can receive a new order for your roofing jobs. If the contractor wants to cut costs, improve the aesthetics, or address other difficulties, for instance, they might revise the construction contract to change the scope of their job.

Construction Lead Generation

We produce leads to generate revenue to pique interest in your roof construction service. You will be able to bid higher and wait for targets to be ready to buy as a result.

Design budgets

For projects with more specifications but less information, we produce design estimates. We make sure that there are always estimators on hand to assist whenever a client needs support.

Estimated bids

Contractors struggle with the accuracy and speed with which bids are prepared. Zip codes are used as a guide when creating estimates and bids. Additionally, you may save time and money by delegating all of your roofing projects to our experts.

Budget projections

Our estimators can choose from a variety of options and modify the roof designs to get the ideal solution for your client’s budget.

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NEDES Takeoffs offers you a thorough estimate for your project. The cost of your project’s material takeoffs can be calculated in the most precise and thorough manner possible. For your project, we can offer a tentative estimate. This enables you to begin estimating the work necessary to finish a project by giving you an idea of how much it would cost to complete each phase of work.
Material takeoff services you can count on
By attending to all of your material takeoff needs, our hardworking team diligently works day and night to make your dream projects a reality. You can rely on our skilled professionals to finish your tasks correctly and professionally since our clients have always benefited from our passion for getting a job done. We take pride in offering top-notch takeoff services for every task.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Takeoff Services

The value of precise roofing estimating services is commonly known to our experienced estimator. Senior estimators typically do a double review of the estimates to ensure accuracy. Similar to this, we uphold providing our esteemed clients with reliable roofing quotes. No matter how large or little the estimated plan is, we can manage it. When providing estimates, our roof estimator frequently makes use of modern, intelligent tools like PlanSwift. Additionally, a wide range of residential and commercial projects can be handled by our Roofing.

Residential Roofing takeoffs

This includes home improvements, Home renovations in condominiums, mixed-use buildings, small Apartments, A Custom Home.

Commercial Roofing takeoffs

This includes hospitals, airports, hotels, Arenas, schools, warehouses, shopping centers, restaurants, exhibition structures, and the fire stations.

Industrial Roofing takeoffs

This includes metals mining and petrochemicals, marines drilling, pharmaceutical plants for Oil & Gas, processing food, processing of hydrocarbons, wastewater plants, the production of pumping stations, polymers, and fertilizers

Frequently asked questions

Every project typically has a unique scope and scale. We also first analyze the plans, drawings, and extent of the work. Simply upload your plans using the link below, and we will review them and provide you with an estimate right away.

We value long-term partnerships and provide monthly estimation packages that can help you save your estimation costs by 50% when compared to using in-house estimators.

We work with all CSI building trades and divisions. In addition to precise estimates, we offer civil, structural, drywall, framing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing, flooring, structural & miscellaneous steel, thermal and moisture protection, fire suppression, site work, and lumber takeoffs.

When it comes to roofing estimating services, you can count on us

We have highly experienced staff who can change things for you and your dream project.

Why Choose Us?

To spare you the additional expenditures of hiring a full-time contractor, we provide roofing estimating services. Additionally, we are employing Planswift and Bluebeam software to assure efficiency, so don’t spend money on price estimating software or hire specialists to execute estimation. The work of roofing contractors is difficult because of tight deadlines and a full schedule. However, we give our clients estimates within 24 to 48 hours to ensure that they never miss the deadline for submitting a bid. We continue to earn the respect of our esteemed clients. This is due to the accuracy with which our roofing specialists estimate the price of finished roofing jobs. The estimates are often then verified by our senior roof estimators. Reports will be given on schedule and in a format that is simple to grasp.